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The clichés of eco-responsible weddings

Some clichés about eco-responsible marriages are tough, and some of you hesitate to embark on the adventure of a union thought through in a more eco-friendly way. What a shame! And yes, believe us, as eco-responsible players in the prized world of marriage, we hear green ones and unripe ones almost every day. So let's put the dots on the "i" to remove these a priori on this word carrying environmental and human values.

And “spoiler alert”, despite a common belief: behind each shot, there is not necessarily a part of the truth hidden! 😉

1. « Eco-responsible weddings are only for people in harem pants who walk barefoot and eat seeds» RIGHT/WRONG Getting married in a harem pants? And why not ! But it still has to be nicely crafted, and that it makes sense on your wedding day ...

Getting married barefoot, we love it! Let's be serious two minutes, have you ever tried to wear stilettos on a sandy beach? Give it a try and you will tell me about it ...

Have you ever heard of eco-responsible wedding dress designers, such as Elise Martimort, Valentine Le Sec'h or Aurélia Prado?

We’re far from the imagery of Reggae Sun Ska anyway, right?

When it comes to seeds, do not confuse eco-responsible and vegan (although the two can go perfectly together, and that ... in absolute terms, the diet of vegan is not limited to seeds 😅). 2. « We won't eat well / enough » WRONG ! Quality and quantity are factors that have no antecedent with eco-responsibility! We would even tend to say “on the contrary”, this commitment has even become a guarantee of quality.

There are creative and innovative caterers, offering quality products and respecting the seasons and production.

Indeed, there are many ways to offer a more eco-responsible menu. You can favor short circuits, strive for zero waste, choose the least impacting in terms of carbon footprint, based on ingredients of choice: white meat, fish, vegetarian, vegan, organic, etc.

If it is a question of quantities, it is better to speak to professionals who will be able to guide you.

It is certain that if you have planned 3 radishes for the cocktail, this will not be the responsibility of the caterer but yours ...

But here we will be talking more about "Weight Watchers wine of honor" than eco-responsible! 3. « An ecofriendly wedding costs a lot ! » WRONG… Or at least, an eco-responsible wedding does not cost more than a so-called "ordinary" wedding (we deliberately use this term, which is particularly inappropriate: an eco-responsible wedding should be ordinary, but there are still a few kilometers to go. do…)

There are so many factors that go into a wedding budget, that eco-responsibility plays only a small part!

And then, wouldn't it be less expensive to call on a local actor for your wedding to limit the travel costs added to your estimate?

Believe me, you will save money by, for example, renting your decoration rather than trying to cram those famous "incredible promotions found on Wish or Amazon" into your attic.

Thinking of reselling them? This is without thinking of cousin Matthieu who, after 2 dance steps, will get tripped up in the famous Wish garland ... which ultimately only had its packaging solid 😉

Besides, wouldn't you save money by buying seasonal flowers instead of asking for peonies in the middle of summer? (The question is rhetorical, of course you would save money.)

If the flowers are not available, it is because they are not local, therefore exported from who knows where, that they will have done hundreds of hours by plane, boat, truck, and will be passed in ten hands that will have to be paid ...

So ?

4. « boho or country theme: Straw bales, it's okay 5min » WRONG What do "bohemian" or "country" really mean? Everyone seems to put their own definition into it.

Some see the famous bales of straw, others the lace doilies, some garden flowers while others are projected on dried flowers ...

Everything remains at your own discretion!

Would you believe us if we told you that there are 100% urban eco-responsible weddings? Or on the Star Wars theme?

Coming back to the straw bales, it certainly stings the buttocks, but once decorated with decoration, seats and accessories, it is practical and comfortable!

Try out the wooden benches during a 2-hour ceremony or the wrought iron chairs placed in the dungeon ... and we'll see who needs an appointment with the osteo.

5. « It's just a fashion tendance » RIGHT/WRONG It's a fad! But not only !

We are not going to lie to each other, we hear about eco-responsibility, awareness, commitments, eco-sensitivity, in every corner.

Everyone has their own little phrase on their site, greenwashing blooms faster than thistle (we have a good example? Because, sorry to disappoint you, we can take an interest in eco-responsibility without to be an expert in botany)… but ultimately so much the better!

Let them do it!

After all, if they can convince with this pitch and convince themselves (that's what we hope for most), it's always going to be winning.

And then in eco-responsibility, there are no small steps, only realizations 😉

Having had the opportunity to talk to hundreds of players in the eco-responsible wedding sector, I can tell you that the bridal market has a bright future ahead of it, and that engagement will continue in fashion (when “ fashion ”will have become“ the ordinary ”or the“ standard ”)! 6. « C’est un mariage qui ne fera pas rêver » WRONG Remémorez vous les souvenirs du mariage de votre oncle… Vous vous rappelez le lancer de riz qui vous a fouetté le visage, ces ballons de baudruche qui ont fait pleurer tous les enfants qui ont eu le malheur de les voir éclater un par un, les fleurs arc-en-ciel qui, au moment d’attraper le bouquet, ont tâché votre superbe robe car il restait de l’encre dans la tige, ça vous réellement fait rêver ? On continue avec le Vol-au-vent plus sec qu’un désert Chilien en entrée ? Ou encore cette voiture de course en début de cortège qui n’a jamais dépassé les 50 km/h… et qui a obligé la mariée à se contorsionner pour entrer à l’intérieur (oui, étrangement ces voitures sont très peu adaptées aux robes de mariée) L’avantage d’un mariage éco-responsable, c’est que vous n’aurez pas affaire à toutes ces situations… aucune d’entre elles d’ailleurs ! Vous vous créez vos propres limites, parce qu’avec l’éco-responsabilité, quasiment tout est possible, ou alors on y trouve des alternatives parfaitement convenables et dont l’effet « Waouw » aura le même impact ! Il suffit de laisser son esprit se projeter… 7. « It seems a bit boring, no ? » WRONG If you're bored at a wedding, it's because you're in the wrong place ... or because you don't love your daughter-in-law, but eco-responsibility won't help.

8. « I don't want to list reggae music all the night long » ARF… If this is the choice of the bride and groom, unfortunately you will not have the choice to listen to it.

But a good DJ will understand the demand of the majority to ignite the dancefloor, and Tryo, at the cocktail party is good, but the whole evening, it could be long ... very long ...

I take this opportunity to send a message to the future bride and groom and guests who will pass by: no repeat “All the happiness in the world” from Sinsemilia or “Serre-moi” by Tryo is no longer original in 2021.

9. « I don't want to eat with bamboo cutleries » ME NETHER ! Eco-responsibility does not rhyme with single use, are you following me?

The bamboo spoons which leave us the same detestable feeling as the tongue-depressing of a dentist in Nogent le Rotrou… we don't want them on your wedding day either!

So why not simply opt for rental cutlery, crockery straight from the caterer, family silverware, or simply forks from your cupboards! Are they washable and reusable? So here is your eco-responsible argument! 10. « Do you really think nanny is going to want to go to the dry toilet? » RIGHT If we don't ask him to go and hide behind a tree then yes!

After all, the dry toilets are hygienic and odorless, and if the venue you have chosen already has toilets… why reserve new ones?

We do with what we have, and we meet the need in the best possible way! 10 +1. « There are enough cardboard straws, it ends up in chewing gum » RIGHT ! Alala these straws ... since the beginning of the year with the ban on plastic straws (phew, it was about time!), Cardboard straws have emerged.

Well, I realize that having slips of paper in my mouth, or the straw that folds in half (or tears) after the first drink is not great.

But after all, who told you to put cardboard straws?

First of all, straws aren't mandatory (even when it comes to drinking a Mojito!), Nor do they have an aesthetic effect, so why not just go for cocktails without a straw?

Another option, if you are truly an outstanding diver, feeling the obsessive need to regain the feel of your snorkel through the use of a straw (I don't know if the analogy is good ... it is a bad sign when it there is liquid in the snorkel, right?), there are also glass, steel or wooden straws!

Tip: you can personalize them with the image of the bride and groom, put a love note or initials on them, to make a guest gift, not stupid? What, there were 11 photos in this TOP10?

When we told you that eco-responsibility could rhyme with generosity and quantity.

Article co-written with Guillaume de Margoo

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