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Local and seasonal flowers

Save the date, seating plan, menu, ... made in recycled, seeded or compostable paper

A wedding suit and wedding dress made locally, in France or or second-hand

Favor beauty treatment with natural and cruelty free products

Limit the transport of your guests and your service providers

Wedding decoration reusable, rental furnitures, guests gifts from local craftman

Local caterer, seasonal products, from organic or local farming, vegan pastry

Jewelry handmade, with recycled or responsible gold, Fairtrade label

“We all have our part to play. It is through the accumulation of modest acts carried out on our scale and reproduced here and there that we will be able to change things in depth ”Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

We hear more and more about it, and yet everyone has their own vision of "what is an eco-responsible approach?".

Whether it is in our movements, our food, or our consumption, we have an impact on the environment and produce greenhouse gases, a natural phenomenon necessary for our existence, but which produces in large quantities, are harmful to the environment. planet, but not only ...

A marriage emits an average of nine tonnes of CO2, the main greenhouse gas contributing to global warming, which is equivalent to the average consumption of a French person in a year.

To make this event, as wonderful as it is unique, an environmental commitment with a low carbon footprint, we can jointly adopt responsible approaches, aiming as close as possible to "zero emissions".

Ecological - Responsible - Ethical - Sustainable - Organic - Local

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