Are you finally going to make a dream come true but you don't know where to start?

Trust me, I would be available to advise you and reassure you in your choices, by offering you quality service providers, selected for their know-how and their responsible commitment.

Organizing your wedding should only bring happiness, which is why I will personally make sure that everything goes as you imagined.

After getting to know each other during our first meeting, the feeling has passed?

This is where all my expertise begins.


from A to Z

  • I work out a back-planning, allowing to follow you like me, the evolution of your marriage in time until D-day;

  • I then launched into the search for service providers, capable of giving the best of themselves while keeping a benevolent gaze on our planet;

  • I advise you and support you in your choices, in order to respect your budget;

  • I offer personalized follow-up, which will take the form of meetings, email exchanges or calls, in order to develop your project together;

  • I draw up a D-day Planning, in which you and providers will be informed of the different stages of the day for better team cohesion;

  • I am present on D-Day and I coordinate the providers and your guests meticulously to allow you to fully experience this unique day.

Price: € 3,200


Make the most of your day, I'll be there to take over.

You have already selected all the providers or most of them, but you want to be available for you, your beloved and your guests during your wedding?

Have a free spirit! After a first meeting, I will contact the service providers in order to know every details to facilitate the smooth running of your beautiful day. Once the D-Day schedule is established, I will play the conductor from your preparations to the arrival of dessert.

This day is yours, so live it serenely.

Price: € 1,500



Do you want to organize your wedding alone with a low environmental impact, but you don't know where to start? Are you wondering about eco-responsibility and how to combine your values with your D-Day? You need to be reassured in your choices, and to be accompanied in your steps? Are you looking for ideas to educate your guests about ecology?

I share with you my advice and my network of committed and passionate service providers in order to support you in a personalized way in your research and development of the best day of your life, in a significantly committed process.



à la carte

After a few exchanges by email in order to study your problems and the value that I can add to your project, we plan a telephone or video interview, according to our respective availability, in order to find solutions together. I will then set up support and monitoring tools in order to provide you with the answers of a wedding organization, but also to save time and energy for you.

Let's talk about it !

Price: € 100