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Wedding Planner Var
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Wedding Planner for an authentic, unique,
fun and sensitive wedding, in the South of France

Provence wedding planner

Wedding Planner Provence


"YES" is the trigger word. Whether it is a rhetorical question or a question full of emotions, "YES" is the most desired answer, launcher of great projects and changes, it is above all the beginning of a new story, YOUR story.


Sometimes it's a crazy desire to make a childhood dream come true ; Sometimes it's just the stars that are aligned, with the right person, to celebrate love and party with your loved ones.  Congratulations, and let's embark together on a human and responsible adventure !

Wedding Planner Provence
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These three letters which have a positive connotation on tomorrow, consequences for the future, and promise a better future.

So let's continue on this beautiful path filled with precious moments, and think further, our children, our grandchildren and our Earth. Because you don't need to go against your values, even for the event of a lifetime.

Let's write your crazy love story together, creating a special and unique relationship. Offering you quality service providers, accompanying and supporting you, and managing any unforeseen events, this is what we will be able to do by moving forward with confidence and honesty.

Wedding dress

Mathilde, enchanted! And you ?

Preparing for a wedding takes time, energy and a great sense of organization. Choosing your Wedding Planner to help you organize your wedding is not an easy task. It’s the event of a lifetime, of your life!

To be completely in line with your wildest desires, to be calm throughout the preparations, to fully experience your wedding day with your loved ones, and to surround yourself with service providers who share the same values as you, you must give your trust in THE person who will be able to help you. Your Wedding Planner will be at the heart of this adventure, by your side at every stage, sharing very personal moments with you, so trusting him or her is essential.

1. The Feeling

Real confidence starts with a good feeling. A touch of madness, pep, good understanding, laughter, attentive listening, valuable advice, ...

2. Values

You will not go against your values, just as I will not go against mine. Having common values is essential in order to move in the same direction, with energy and kindness. 

3. Experience/expertise

A Wedding Planner with experience and expertise will have enough perspective to anticipate and manage emotions, but also a keen sense of organization!

Complete wedding organization from A to Z

4. Teamwork

Team cohesion is the key to a successful marriage. A network of reliable and professional service providers will allow optimal adequacy throughout the preparations and the day.

5. Recommendations

Dare to read the comments, look at the opinions, contact former brides and grooms, ask the service providers... 

6. Transparency

Une Wedding Planner est honnête et franche, avec de bons conseils et des idées et solutions à vos questions. On est là pour cadrer vos idées, pas pour vendre de la poudre aux yeux.

Calling on a Wedding Planner also means taking care of any unforeseen events that may arise during the day, such as a ceremony that has to be moved at the last minute due to rain, managing a power outage, a bouquet of bride forgot just before saying "YES", or urgently review a table plan... There are factors that cannot be anticipated, it's the game and that's OK! You just have to let go, trust, and sometimes you might not even realize that a hazard has arisen on D-Day...

of your Wedding Planner

Your Eco Story is simple, fluid, caring, transparent support that reflects your image. Specializing in the organization of sensitive and responsible weddings in Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur, I respect your own rules, to create a unique experience, paying attention to the smallest details.

The idea? Build a relationship of trust, and listen attentively to your desires to co-organize your wedding together.

Wedding planner Provence

Complete organization

A 100% personalized service to allow you to delegate all time-consuming tasks, from implementation through reverse planning and budget monitoring, to finding and connecting with completely trusted service providers drawn from my address book, up to 'to my presence at your side to live this story in complete serenity thanks to the coordination of your wedding.

Wedding D-day coordination

Coordination of your wedding

The final and essential stage of your wedding, I coordinate your service providers and your guests throughout your day, to anticipate and manage the slightest unforeseen events. Technical visit on site, relevant advice, creation of a D-day schedule and presence at your side from the preparations to the wedding cake, I allow you to enjoy your loved ones and let yourself be carried away.

These are Mathilde's wedding couples - Your Eco Story wedding planner
who talk about it best:

Luberon wedding photographer
“Thank you so much Mathilde for everything! We are floating and trying to set all the emotions and beautiful moments of this weekend. the idea of not having video calls and voice messages with you anymore makes us kind of sad... we couldn't have wished for anyone else by our side. your warmth, professionalism, kindness, humor, eye for details and organizational talent made all the preparation and the weekend so relaxed. we would do it all over again with you, it was really fun and enjoyable and never stressful 😍 we are so grateful to you and forever will be! you brought our ideas of our love party to life. and we meet you, a wonderful person. thank you mathilde! 🧡🫶🙏 »

Isabelle & Stefan - September 2023

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