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Believe in your dreams, and make the wedding which looks like YOU

When you ask me if it's possible to celebrate your love in the South of France, I can only answer to believe in your dreams.

Because with an ounce of ambition, a good organization, a little madness, a big crush, we can together make this dream come true. Your dream 💭

Don't leave your desires at the project stage, take the plunge, together we will find the solution to your needs, to make the most beautiful day of your life under the Provence sun ☀️

What if we don't do anything that is expected of us?

And if for once, we didn't give a damn about conveniences, traditions, habits, rumors, comments, "as it should", "as one should", theories, judgments and opinions. principles ? What risk do we run when we decide to show our uniqueness, and take responsibility for our choices, our looks, our outfits, our actions?

Let your originality escape, be mischievous, be daring, be weird, be YOU!

Get married where you want, when you want and as you imagine! And if it is important for you to celebrate an intimate wedding, by the water, in a setting that suits you, and eat popcorn on rocking chairs while watching your favorite movie, telling your story, and well done the ! You will always find providers crazy enough to help you organize the day of your dreams.

Whether you are native or expatriate, French or foreign, whether you have a foothold, a loved one here, whether you have come on vacation or have traveled only through photos, we will find your little piece of paradise for you say "YES" 🤍

My role, you accompany and you reveal.

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