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How to choose your bridal bouquet

Your bridal bouquet will be an integral part of your outfit on D-Day. Boho, modern, round or minimalist style, everything is possible, according to your desires and the entirety of the wedding. It will be on almost all your wedding photos!

Here are some tips for choosing your bridal bouquet for your wedding in Provence, or elsewhere.

The first agreement will be the style of your wedding dress or outfit.

The second will be the mood and style you want to give your entire wedding. Because yes, your bouquet will be an integral part of your look, matching your beloved, but also your decoration. When you choose your wedding dress, you choose it for looking like you of course, but also sticking to the atmosphere and the style of your day. It's the same for your bouquet. Take into account your morphology, the shape of your dress, the style of your wedding and above all your desires, highlighting the details without hiding them. You can bring a photo of your dress with you when you meet your florist, it may help.

Photographer : Manon Gvia - Florist : Les Fleurs de Ninon

Then, you are free to compose the bouquet of your choice: sophisticated flowers or gleaned from the fields, very flowery or more leafy bouquet, composed of fresh flowers or dried flowers, colorful or all in shades of white, the choice is yours!

Tulips or peonies are your favorite flowers ? Your florist will no doubt do their best to get you some. But Flowers, and their prices, follow the rhythm of the seasons and the festivals that punctuate the year. So to be sure to have beautiful flowers in the spirit of your day, and which are close to the effect and colors of peonies, trust your eco-responsible florist who will choose seasonal and locally produced flowers. (rather than having tired flowers, arrived there despite the off-season).

Photographer : Manon Gvia - Florist : La Blonde et le Bardu

You can choose to embellish your bouquet with a pretty naturally dyed ribbon, a mottled ribbon or a message ribbon, to match your values and the colors of the wedding. You can also choose to tie to this ribbon, or to a piece of lace, a jewel, or an element that is close to your heart and that makes sense to you, in order to incorporate your story into this bouquet.

Photographer : Anne-Sophie Benoit - Florist : Le Petit Jardin

A bridal bouquet weighs its weight! Indeed, fresh flowers (with their stems) are relatively heavy. The weight is important and you will quickly realize it when you have to hold it at arm's length throughout the day. So prefer a medium-sized bouquet. Don't be uptight! The more you are, the more the bouquet will seem heavy and cumbersome!

My advice: Plan to order a second bouquet, less imposing, if you want to continue the tradition of throwing the bouquet. You'll see, you'll be attached to your bouquet once it's in your hands, so throwing another away will be less heartbreaking! (Same if you want to leave a bouquet to the Virgin for religious weddings.)

Photographer : Sylvia Calmet - Florist : Gwenaelle Chaine

Little trick, appoint a person responsible for your bouquet! Do not hesitate to ask one of your bridesmaid or your best man, for example, to help you with this task throughout the day. This prevents it from being forgotten when everything is accelerating, or that you damage it by putting it anywhere when cuddling with your loved ones.

My advice: remember to have a small vase with a towel at the foot of your seats during the ceremony, it will avoid cluttering you and can follow you longer during your day after a little refreshing bath.

Photographer : Lucas Cerri - Florist : DIY

The most classic position is the ceremonial position : your hands on the stems of your bouquet, the bouquet in front of you at the level of your belly. You can also carry it in your arms, as if you were carrying a baby.

A hand along the body will remain the most natural, but always remember not to stick the rods on your white dress, to avoid stains.

Regarding the budget, it will depend on the shape, size, and flowers chosen. Count between 90 and 160 euros for a bridal bouquet, and between 8 and 12 euros for a buttonhole.

And because once again, nothing is obligatory, if you want to do without a bridal bouquet, don't hesitate, this day must above all look like you!

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