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Wedding venue in Provence

If you are reading these few words, you are about to get married! And for that all my Congratulations!

Finding the venue of your dreams is the first step in organizing a wedding. Whether in Provence or elsewhere, you must be able to define certain criteria that will help you make your choice.

📸 : Lucas Cerri - Wedding venue Avignon : Guest house

Getting married in Provence, or elsewhere ?

Before you start looking for the location for your wedding reception, first define where you want to say yes to each other. Whether it is near where you live, close to your families, in a region that you have already visited or never visited but which is a real favorite, anything is possible!

Whether you decide to get married in Provence or elsewhere, you decide. Still think about certain points: do you want to have your civil marriage/religious marriage at the same time? If so, focus your research on a reception venue that will be close to the town hall and/or the church if you marry religiously and civilly, to limit travel and enjoy your day.

If you decide not to take this factor into account, and you don't find it important to do everything on the same day, then feel free to choose what you like the most. It is possible to create a ceremony for a secular wedding in order to remember the moments of your union with all your relatives who were not necessarily present during your stay at the town hall and/or the church.

Also bet on a reception venue that is close to the accommodation of your guests (house rentals, hotels, lodges, guest rooms, etc.) if you are not accommodating them on site. This can be overwhelming for them when it comes to going back to bed, hitting the road after the busy night, or even for those who would have come by public transport to your wedding venue.

📸 : By Oriane - Wedding venue Var : Domaine with outside reception

What is your wedding like ?

Finding the venue for your wedding reception means finding the place that matches your desires, your personality, and your history. It is therefore important to define in advance the atmosphere you want to give to your D-Day, and find your place accordingly.

Whether you prefer a hotel or restaurant for the intimate side but above all for the crush on the little dishes they prepare; whether you prefer to do this in a room or estate that you rent for the occasion, or whether you choose to celebrate your love at home, in your garden, or outdoors in nature, you must be in total adequacy with that.

There are, however, important points to look at such as the spaces for a possible plan B (yes, it does happen to rain in Provence too), but also the volume and duration of the dance party, the limitation of the number of guests. , and any other technical and logistical points on which a Wedding Planner can guide you.

📸 : The Birdies Prod - Wedding venue Toulon : Hotel sea view

What is the budget for a reception venue in Provence ?

Choosing a reception venue is also a question of budget. And this is a point to discuss from the outset between yourselves: what is the maximum budget that you can devote to the rental of your reception venue ? Depending on this budget, you will be able to sort out what you dream of and what is possible for you. No need to dream too much if you don't have the budget. There are always great solutions out there, so don't be frustrated if you don't have Cinderella's Castle for your wedding.

How to define the date of your wedding ?

Before choosing the location of your wedding reception, you must define the date of your event. In general, it's best to get started as early as possible to put the odds in your favor.

If you've fallen in love with a popular reception venue, why not get married on a Friday, Sunday, or the rest of the week ? Why not get married in the winter or in the fall? You are lucky, you will have a greater choice in the rental dates of your venue, and above all, the rates are much more attractive! Getting married off-season, so this is an opportunity for you to choose your venue with more freedom, and to be able to allocate a smaller budget and therefore have more choice than if you had married in the middle of summer.

📸 : EliElle - Wedding venue Var : Events room

Your favorite wedding suppliers

Some of the reception venues require the use of certain service providers in particular, forming part of a list of service providers or working exclusively with the imposed service provider. So remember to educate yourself on the subject. This marriage is yours, so if you don't see yourself in the work of these imposed providers, or you fell in love with a provider who is not on this list, don't make a decision that you could. regret, on the pretext that the place is really pretty. A place of reception is important, but the professionals with whom you share the preparation of your D-Day are even more important. They are the ones who will support you throughout the preparations and during your day.

📸 : Jonathan Perea - Wedding venue Var : Winery

And your Wedding Planner in all of this ?

Like any search for providers for your wedding, operate with feeling and with confidence! If the current is flowing and it inspires you with confidence, then go for it! On the other hand, if you have any doubts, do not sign above all, and let the situation settle.

A Wedding Planner is there to advise you and accompany you in your choices for your D-Day. The Wedding Planner can help you find the place of reception of your dreams, but can also arrive after this first step, when you have already found see signed your contract with the place, by its proximity to it and the feeling of course.

And no, a Provence Wedding Planner or a Var Wedding Planner does not know all the reception venues in their region or department, there are a lot of them and there are new ones regularly!

📸 : Manon GVia - Wedding venue Provence : Eco gite in the middle of nature

Did this help you in your search for a reception venue ?

Have you found your dream place for your big day ?

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