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Guest presents : what to give to your loved ones as a souvenir of your wedding ?

Who says wedding, says guest gifts. It's by far an obligation, but rather a tradition, it's up to you to give it your own interpretation. Whether you buy it ready to use, customize it or make it yourself, these little presents for your guests show how much you care about them, and allow you to thank all your loved ones for having attended so far.

I go through with you some ideas for guest gifts to spoil your loved ones at your wedding, and to find an alternative to traditional sugared almonds. As long as it looks like you, tells your story, or is similar to the atmosphere of your Dday, guest gifts are more personal, fun and quirky :

Guest gifts to devour :

The DIYs:

Making homemade delicacies is also an opportunity for your guests to discover your favorite recipes, your childhood memories, or the little biscuit that you love to snack together. You can also offer your guests all the ingredients for your favorite cake in a jar, or even your favorite granola recipe, which they can cook and enjoy after your wedding.

Spices :

Spices, flavored salts, peppers from all over the world, aromatic plants, make them discover new flavors, exotic smells, spices from countries you have visited. In small glass vials, do not hesitate to mix your favorite spices or herbs!

Photo credit : Wendy Jolivot

To drink :

A lemonade kit in a pretty glass bottle for a summer wedding, or on the contrary hot chocolate for a winter wedding, small cider glass for an autumn wedding, everything is possible or almost. Be careful, however, of the shelf life of these gifts, which may not be consumed immediately after your wedding, and which may have already been prepared well before D-Day.

Beers or Wines :

If you have a passion for beer, why not brew your own and offer it to your guests on your wedding day ? Or ask your favorite brewer if it's possible to offer you mini bottles.

It's the same process for wine, champagne or your favorite alcohol that you want to share with your loved ones (genépi, rum arranged, or other...)

Photo credit : Lucas Cerri

Oil :

A pretty bottle, a mixture of neutral oils such as olive oil and sunflower oil, a few herbs such as rosemary, thyme, chilli, or truffle, or simply local olive oil, that's all you need to make gourmet flavored oils yourself.

Jam or Honey :

If you also like jam, why not offer some to your guests on your wedding day ? Choose your favorite fruit, or the seasonal one, why not an original flavor and get started !

Photo credit : Merci Coco

Biscuits :

The message is the highlight of the show. A few words on a biscuit, in sweet or salty version, and it will be devoured in less than two minutes. They can also be personalized with the name of your guest to be placed directly on the table during the meal, a gift with double utility.

Guest gifts to keep :

Candles :

The design, the fragrances, the color, the customization, everything is possible in terms of budget so that it fits perfectly with your wedding. And if you want to combine the beautiful and the useful, you can also choose to personalize each candle with the first name of each of your guests, and then use it as a mark place on the dinner tables.

Photo credit : By Oriane for PS I Love You

Lavender sachets :

A nice cliché to Provence, and a low-budget guest gift ! In a bag or a bouquet, this will add an extra touch to your local decoration.

Sand :

Your favorite beach, the beach you met, your best trip or the place where the engagement was made, these are small memories that mean a lot, so why not share it with everyone ?

Photo credit : Laura Stojanov

Plantable guest gifts :

A plant gift :

Small succulents, cacti, or a bulb, to offer to your loved ones on Dday. Place the small plants in personalized pots, with small labels or directly on the pot, small plants that they can replant at home.

Photo credit : Manon Gvia

Seeds to plant :

Do you want to offer a floral attention ? Seeds to plant are a good idea, choose your favorite flower, a particular color, or aromatic plants to rethink your wedding even in their small dishes.

Photo credit : La fabrique à sachets

Useful guest gifts :

Embroidered handkerchiefs :

Why not give your guests gifts that they used during your wedding ceremony ? Embroidered handkerchiefs during the ceremony so that each of your loved ones can wipe away their little tears of joy.

Photo credit : Cousu Paris

Fans or umbrellas :

Do the same with fans if the ceremony takes place outside, or umbrellas because even in Provence there can be a few drops of rain. Useful, pleasant, customizable and reusable.

Personalized tote bags :

Making, or having made, personalized tote bags is easier than it looks! A personalized design according to your theme, your favorite colors, your initials, ... This will be the new trendy accessory for all their outings.

Soaps :

Soaps with natural oils, perfumed, colored, or even personalized soaps, with integrated flowers, ... there are many possibilities for them to represent you. In addition to embalming the room, they will be used for sure!

Photo credit : Sylvia Calmet

Glasses :

Have glasses screen printed, which will be used by your loved ones during the cocktail party, and which they can take home afterwards. You will be able to go around all your wedding anecdotes at your next aperitif at their place ! And for the early wake up ones, one mug can be a great idea.

Photo credit : Duodem

You can offer absolutely anything to your guests. The only limits will be your desires and your budget. If you want to make your guest gifts yourself, don't forget to budget your purchases to be sure that this option will not cost you more than buying your attentions ready-made.

Arrange your guest gifts at the table, each of your guests will be able to leave with their little attention. You can also place them on a separate table, for example near your table plan, before or after dinner, so that each of your guests can take their gift with them when they leave.

Either way, many guests forget their gifts at the end of the meal. In this case, your caterer will probably gather them in a corner at the end of the service, you will then just have to rearrange them on a table at brunch the next day, for example.

And you ? What do you have or what are you going to offer your guests?

Mathilde, your Provence Wedding Planner 🤍

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