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D-day coordination: the importance of having a wedding planner on your wedding day

Now more than ever, we want to share and enjoy our loved ones to the fullest. So when we talk about your wedding day, this day so special and important to you, it seems obvious to release the pressure of the organization and to devote himself to his family and his friends (s) fully.

Today is yours. You have decided on the date, you have trusted a whole team of service providers, you have mobilized all your loved ones to be by your side, witnesses of your love, now is not the time for you to release the pressure and be the guest of your own wedding?

If there is a day when you should have no regrets, this is it. So delegate your D-Day to external people whose job it is essential so that everything goes as you had imagined, by entrusting the management of the timing and the unforeseen without you suspecting a thing ...

That's when I come in. You profit, I take over. Because once this fast-paced day is over, you won't have any regrets, you won't miss a laugh, all your choices will be respected, and you will have been able to be present for your loved one. (e) as well as your loved ones at all times. Think about it, this is your unique event! ❤

D-day coordination means being present a few weeks before your wedding to take stock with all the service providers you have chosen, organize a technical meeting on site, orchestrate surprises for your guests, consider a plan B if the weather forecast us. play tricks, and prepare a precise schedule so that everything runs smoothly.

You can therefore breathe and arrive relaxed on your wedding day, no stress to allow you to live intensely all these moments with your guests, while having been able to carry out your own research beforehand.

So, do you like the idea?

Reportage Backstage pour découvrir le rôle d'une Wedding Planner éco-responsable en Provence

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