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Mathilde, Wedding Planner Provence, but first of all committed to environmental values

Being a Wedding Planner is a job, but above all a passion.

We think that hiring a Wedding Planner is a question of budget, but I would say that it is more a question of comfort and conscience. Because calling on a Wedding Planner is not a luxury but indeed a necessity for a smooth wedding, and for guaranteed serenity. It is important to be aware of this before it is too late, in order to allow you, but also your loved ones to whom you will entrust a few tasks, to take full advantage of this beautiful day! It's a unique event that requires rigor, but above all your full attention.

There are certain events in life that really deserve to "stop time". A hundred days an hour, there are 365 in a year. So on your wedding day, there is no question of missing a beat.

The stressful organization of a day of this magnitude for you and your loved one deserves to be delegated.

When I talk about scale, it's not a question of budget or number of guests, but the importance that this day has for you, and all the emotions and the joy that comes with it.

To do this, give yourself a break of tranquility, and trust a Wedding Planner whose job it is. There are times that need to be lived to the fullest, and that shouldn't have an ounce of stress or worry, because someone's there for it.

You are right to want to enjoy your wedding, to let yourself be carried by the elements to live your day to the fullest. Your witnesses and your parents also want to be there for you, to support you and not miss any crumbs of this beautiful day.

Today is yours. So if there is a day when you should have no regrets, it is this one.

Allow yourself to disconnect and be the guest of your wedding, the party will be all the more successful! 🎉

I am Mathilde, and I made it my job to raise your happiness beyond your expectations.

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