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Monday morning inspiration

6.6km is what my GPS displays to get to the viewpoint over the Mediterranean Sea, at the top of the forest, or 13.2km to make the round trip for this Monday morning jog. A Monday, with a busy schedule like the start of the wedding season, multiple tasks for my future married (s) and deadlines to meet with wedding providers, it seemed even more unlikely for me, in as a Wedding Planner. 🤯 But I took the risk, because I know the feeling that comes over us when we finish the race, and the need for contact with nature.

Arrived at the first point of view, 1km from the summit, I look at the time passing by, and reasonably, I tell myself that I will start to descend to return to my office. ⛰ Yet so close to the goal, I felt paid by this spot, since after all I knew that I would go back there next time.

From there, I meet an elderly couple, walking quietly to the top, hand in hand, smiling. They were there, motivated and in love, because yes love has no age.

Then I hear a small voice through the music in my headphones. I take one out, and I listen to it: "You are not going to come back down now, you are so close to the goal!" He was clearly right this man. "You have to tap into your resources, Come on, you'll see the view will be all the more pleasant."

And of course I listened to it ...

I understood that we should not be satisfied simply with our objectives, but that we must always look further, always higher. That in life, we will encounter many challenges and obstacles, whether personal or professional, and that it is by persevering and holding on that we succeed. You have to give yourself all the means to succeed, in order to have no regrets afterwards. Because getting out of your comfort zone is one thing, the hardest part is staying there. And what pride to arrive at the end of his dreams ...

Become actors of your own development, and don't forget that the major obstacle will be you.

Moral: they really want to kill these old people! 🥵

I am Mathilde, and I accompany you to create together your eco-responsible wedding in Provence.

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