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Why opt for a secular ceremony at your wedding in Provence?

You are more and more opting for a ceremony. And you're right !

This is not there to replace a religious or civil ceremony, and on the contrary can certainly be complementary.

To unload your wedding day, you can organize the civil and / or religious wedding one day or even weeks or months before D-Day, in small groups. Your day will therefore be less stressful and busy, also limiting mass travel between the different places on your wedding day. An ecological choice you will tell me! 😇🌱

The Secular Ceremony allows you to exchange greetings personally, between you and your loved one, or with important people around you. This will give the opportunity to all your guests to participate in your union without restriction of reception capacity or religion.

The Secular Ceremony is created and delivered primarily by a ceremonial officiant, who is there to tell your story and lead the speech. This allows you to organize surprise speeches, but also to let yourself be carried away, to punctuate the day if you want the ceremony to be short or long, and also to set up rituals of union, which you have chosen together, to symbolize your love. These are strong words that speak of you, so this ceremony is unique on your wedding day.

Choosing your officiant is confiding in him / her, it is placing your trust in eloquence and it is also representative of your desires, your relationship and your marriage. But there is also a whole scenography to think about around the ceremony in order to highlight your couple in your image.

So, do you also opt for a secular ceremony as part of your civil and / or religious wedding?

📸 : EliElle Photographie / La Mule Rayée / Anne Sophie Benoit / Manon GVia Photographe (x2) / By Oriane

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