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Julie & Grégory - wedding testimonials

Julie & Grégory, this newlywed couple, tell their beautiful love story, from meeting to engagement. They reveal their favorites and tips to enjoy the most during their big day.

I had the pleasure of accompanying them in the organization of their wedding in Provence, and they tell you more about the Wedding Planner service. Good reading !

Your meeting - the beginning of your beautiful love story :

It was on the school benches that we met... and we decided to bet on our friendship to see if a more serious story would be possible. 15 years later we have won everything, my husband is my best friend and the best dad ever.

And how did the engagement proposal go ?

After so much time together, it's sure that every occasion, trip was in the eyes of everyone (including me 😇) the perfect time for Greg to propose... in order to really surprise me, this had to happen during a rather banal moment (otherwise I would have guessed what was going on). My accomplice parents "invite us to a gastro restaurant to celebrate a sale"... we arrive at the restaurant... no parent in sight, a table for two nicely decorated, a bouquet of roses and a furtive, magnificent and shy request of the love of my life. I have never enjoyed a meal so much 🥺✨

Your best moment during your wedding day :

Without a doubt : our starter before the meal under the twinkling lights of our guests.

Your best memory a few months after your big day :

See all the guests on the dancefloor having fun and saying “we did it”

Where do you draw your wedding inspiration from ?

Full of inspiration on various Instagram accounts. La mariée aux pieds nus was definitely the account that inspired me the most!

What advice can you give to future brides and grooms ?

1. I recommend small committee weddings, this will allow you to make the most of it and not bow all day long without enjoying either your guests or dishes thought out a year in advance and even less to do party all night long!

2. Have no regrets, only listen to your desires, do it in your image!

3. Treat yourself to the luxury of a wedding planner, you will be invited to your own wedding and my god it's amazing !

And eco-responsibility in all this, how to organize a wedding that respects the environment ?

Keep in mind that we can all put our little stone to the building! We are not perfect but if we manage to do a little thing for the planet, do it. We chose a place with ecological values, we kept the same wedding dress for the civil and the party, we preferred to travel by bus rather than a lot of cars making the same journeys,…

How and why choose an eco-responsible Wedding Planner in Provence to help you organize your wedding ?

The choice is made by feeling! A feed that speaks to us, similar inspirations, common values, a meeting that confirms the feeling... and biiim it makes "chocapic" 😂! No, but it's a bit like the dress... you know when it's the right one without really being able to explain it... you know that it's in the hands of this person that you dare to entrust the organization of the most beautiful day of your life. You must feel that she will understand your desires, that you will dare to confide all your crazy ideas to her or not, who will closely follow your expenses and gently bring you back to earth if necessary... to conclude, it's your BFF to whom you can talk H24 about marriage and who will not be jaded or fed up 😂.

THE wedding video :

Wedding photographer : Jonathan Perea , Wedding filmmaker : Quentin Leblanc , Wedding Planner : Your Eco Story , Wedding Designer : Un Jour Particulier , Florist : Mes Petites Couronnes , Photobooth : Photobooth Frame , Wedding Venue : Château Saint Roux , DJ : Joonah Sax , Fairy lights : The Artist


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